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Further Together

Building companies for the generations to come

A Different Approach

The Great River Company (“GRC”) is a Midwest based private investment company backed by business owning families for founder and family owned businesses. We provide liquidity for ownership transitions, career and financial opportunities for management teams, and capital for organic and acquisitive growth.


GRC is unique because we are purposefully built to be a long-term catalyst for growth and the overall betterment of a company and its stakeholders. We do this by pairing a long-term, potentially indefinite, hold period with a flexible approach to investing, which includes the potential for significant continued ownership for existing shareholders, ownership opportunities for current and future management and employees, and a vast network that your team can draw upon to tackle business challenges.

We are stewards of more than the capital that

formed us and the businesses we invest in

What Sets Us Apart

GRC is an alternative to traditional private equity firms who think in terms of three to five year investment periods, we think in terms of successful Company outcomes over decades.


We were founded on the belief that we can achieve more together than on our own and that a successful outcome is one where all stakeholders benefit: shareholders, employees and their families, the community where the business resides, the customers the Company serves, and the vendors that provide services/products to the enterprise.

GRC provides transitional solutions for business owners seeking succession planning and liquidity options, while preserving their legacy and maintaining the culture that makes each company great. GRCs transitional solutions are flexible and can come in the form of non-control and control equity, preferred equity or other structured investments.

What We Do

GRC is focused on investing in businesses in lower middle market companies with the following common characteristics:

  • Preference for family or entrepreneur owned businesses

  • Strong alignment with management

  • Potential for organic and/or acquisition growth
  • Revenue greater than $10 million

  • EBITDA greater than $2 million

  • Headquartered in North America

What We Look For

Why GRC, characteristics that count


We are purposefully built for long-term holds and do not have a mandated investment structure or timelines

Approachable & Understanding

We understand that businesses sometimes face challenges and are there to help our partners through them. Our professionals and backers are real people, families and business owners, not faceless institutions 


We bring over 40 years of experience advising, investing and managing businesses


We are focused on the ongoing legacy of your business


We are long-term thoughful planners, not just capital providers

Real Assistance

We are not operators, but have experience responding to business problems and opportunities with actionalbe plans through our Vuale Creation Six Pack

Contact Us

2200 IDS Center 80 South Eighth Street 

Minneapolis, MN 55402 | 612.910.1053 | 651.283.4152

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