Investing in healthy businesses and supporting management teams to ensure continued success

GRC is focused on investing in healthy lower middle market companies with the following characteristics:


Revenue greater than $10 million

EBITDA greater than $2 million


Headquartered in the United States or Canada for platforms

Owner(s) mentality

Desire to preserve legacy

Growth focused

Concerned about potential negative impact on team and community

Keen interest in finding ways to improve business

Company characteristics

Established management team in place

Healthy culture

History of growth and profitability

Strong underlying industry fundamentals

Low capital intensity

Investment types

Control investments

Non-control investments

Other flexible structures

Investment strategies

Ownership transition/succession

Management-led buyout (owner removed from day-today operations)

Business owner led acquisition strategy

Growth capital investment

We pride ourselves on timely responses and thoughtful feedback 

Our roots are in reactionary, generalist investing. As such, we know that there are one-of-a-kind businesses that serve defensible niches in consumer, business-to-business manufacturing, distribution, or services that would make great investments.


In addition to those reactionary opportunities, the GRC team is actively seeking investments into the following spaces:

Inspection, certification, compliance and safety

Outsourced facility services


Water and wastewater

Food and Agri-business


Education and training

Niche and enthusiast consumer

Practice management


The Great River Company

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