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Purposefully built by business owning families and executives for the betterment of companies and their stakeholders

GRC is a Minneapolis-based private investment company backed by business owning families for family and founder owned businesses seeking liquidity for ownership transitions, career and financial opportunities for management teams, and experience and capital for organic and acquisitive growth. After spending more than two decades in traditional private equity, we became determined to build a new model. One where we can provide more clarity around long-term ownership, implement and execute upon real organic and acquisitive growth strategies, and deliver enduring solutions versus short-term fixes.


The GRC investment team has over 40 years of combined experience investing, managing, building, and advising companies. That experience will be there to help you and your team tackle everything from everyday problems to critical business issues and convert them into actionable and achievable plans.

We are not a private equity firm and we are not a family office. Our unique model pairs the best traits of both to help build great companies over time, allowing them to achieve their full potential

Advisory Council

GRC works with an Advisory Council of senior executives who represent decades of operating experience in a variety of industry sectors and provide us with unique and relevant industry and operating perspectives to the investment review process and existing business opportunities or challenges.

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