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Great companies are created over long periods of time

Our unique transitional solutions allow us to take a long-term view and think in terms of decades, not three or five-year hold periods. As part of our partnership approach to investing, we provide management teams with capital, experience, resources, and alignment through ownership plans for the people doing the real work.

We are a values driven firm and want to see a stronger business positively impacting the community where it resides

Approach to Value Creation

At GRC we are not singularly focused on achieving our investment returns through financial engineering, cost cutting, or slapping together a few add-ons, followed by a quick ”flip.” Instead, GRC is dedicated to achieving operational excellence across all common business disciplines including sales, marketing, supply chain, human resources, and back office, amongst others. We roll up our sleeves to support the development and execution of the company’s operating and growth plan. As part of plan development and execution, we draw upon our vast network of functional and industry experts, including our business owning investors, executives, and consultants to work alongside us, not dictate from above.

We seek to solidify the company’s long-term market position and its ultimate success

We believe the best outcomes occur when management’s talents and our experience and resources work in concert. We utilize a strategic framework focused on building great companies we call the GRC Value Creation Six Pack. This framework enables us to collaborate with management at the beginning of an investment to develop a shared vision of success by isolating each of the fundamental business disciplines and developing a plan. The following are the key areas that we focus on:

Operational Processes

and Capabilities

Sales and Marketing

Organic Growth and

Add-on Acquisitions

Long-term Strategic Plan

People and Incentives

Systems and Reporting

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